Commercial Clients

We assist every size company from small offices to large multinational conglomerates. 

Our international network of insurance brokers, risk management specialists and investment consultants, situated across all 6 key continents, serves both multinational companies who may be looking for more cost efficient, comprehensive solutions, as well as those businesses entering a foreign country for the first time who need local expertise to insure personnel and manage their commercial risk efficiently.

Typically, the commercial clients that seek insurance cover and professional consulting include multinational corporations, international schools, security consultants, government contractors, non-government organizations, non-profit organizations, religious groups, as well as relief and development organizations operating outside of their home countries.


What are the benefits of using a UAB approved insurance broker or risk management specialist?


Using a qualified broker from United Arifca Brokers lets you reach your business goals



Ensuring your Peace of mind

Our professional, licensed, experienced insurance brokers and risk management specialists provide a range of comprehensive services and options to ensure that your organization is protected from all unanticipated incidents. Our brokers provide you with centralized, maximum control over your global assets and help you protect the welfare of your expatriate and local personnel.


Providing you with the Best in Local Expertise

Even if you already have a presence in a foreign country, when insurance forms part of your portfolio, it can be extremely challenging to understand precisely where foreign legislation could impact both the validity and extent of your cover. We provide you with swift, easy access to our network of approved member insurance brokers and risk management specialists who have the local knowledge, qualifications and experience to provide you with the most comprehensive solutions, tailored specifically to your needs and budget.


Enabling you to Take Advantage of More Choice

United Global Brokers represents numerous insurance brokers and risk management specialists per given country, region, city and town. In addition, we represent brokers and advisors who provide either more generalist services or highly specialized solutions. As such, we provide you with access to a choice of suitable brokers and risk management advisors according to your particular needs. United Africa Brokers and all of our approved associates are ‘underwriter agnostic’ in that we provide the best solutions from the most suitable underwriter that is tailored to your individual needs.


Saving you Time and Money

While insurance and risk management is absolutely essential when conducting business, it is not something that you want to spend any significant amount of time managing as it is ultimately not your core focus. With United Africa Brokers, we take the time and hassle out of finding the most comprehensive, cost efficient solution for the specific needs of your business through our approved network of brokers and advisors. By choosing a United Africa Brokers approved service provider, we guarantee that you will save both valuable time and money.


Ensuring Consistent, Unsurpassed Service

Because we place you in contact with the insurance broker that provides insurance solutions most compatible to your needs and goals as a business, you can be assured of an outstanding level of service from a broker or advisor which understands your needs and is committed to helping you manage your risk in the most pro-active, efficient and cost effective manner possible.

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